Dances with Birds

Maine, USA.


umama said...

Impressive for hand held!

Marco Reis said...

Big adventure there on the rocks :)
He must have great shots from there.
If u want i can give u the template of my blog (it's one of bloggers colections, therefore supports all widgets), then u just have to make your own adjustments.
If you are interested, send me an e-mail and i'll reply u with the template.

Quase nos 50 said...

São estas "paixões" que nos dão força para seguir em frente!
Um abraço e bons shots ;-)

AVCr8teur said...

I would love a 500mm or longer lens. :) Thanks for making me dream.

Richard said...

Nice photo, Great Title! I am not familiar with the Canon you mentioned... what is it?

Adrian LaRoque said...

Richard it is the Power Shot S3IS a great compact zoom camera from Canon.


Olá Adrian

E que momentos de união com a natureza:) Tudo no lugar certo, o movimento fixo pela exactidão do tempo!

Continuação de belos "shots", Adrian.


Dave King said...

Great shooting - as always.

Andy said...

Picture in your article is very beatifull, very interested.


Anonymous said...

o mar, as gaivotas e o mar são o entrecruzar existencial que evidencia como o universo é especial...gostei de os ver aqui.
um sorriso :)