Someday Sweetheart

Not all the images are just a simple look. Here I had to see it through the viewfinder, only then I was able to grab the moment. Was a warm spring afternoon somewhere…

Cozy Evenings II


Just for a change here is an artistic impression of my photographic work, oil on canvas.

The Good the Bad and...the Ugly Anne

Perkins Cove, Maine USA. Boats safely waiting for the tropical storm Hanna.The good safe harbor, the bad storm and off course the Ugly Anne.


Can you hear the beat of the shoes, the vibration of the guitar strings; so charming the moves of the dancer. It was a warm summer night in Madrid. I capture the moment... not the dance.

Follow Me…


if you want.



Sometimes I turn the camera to the ground, life can be seen in small details, fragments, as I called it in the title. The Autumn is indeed a magical season up here in New England. This year, I will probably be able to capture the beauty and the changing of colors in the trees. For now, I leave you just with the fragments…

End of Day

Chatham, Massachusetts, a peacefull evening, the wind was blowing from the sea, the day a bit cold, but perfect for the shot.

The Guardian

The picture was taken originally on the horizontal way. This is an image of water flowing in a shallow area of a river in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. When I added contrast to the photo I notice a strange shape or form in the lower area of the image, than, I decided to turn the photo vertically. As you can see, in the right side of the photo is the rude shape of a wolf's head looking straight at you. You can see well the ears, eyes, mouth and jaw, which is the reason for the title “The Guardian”. Cameras can sometimes, capture-amazing things.