The Barn Gallery


The Barn Gallery in Rockport, Massachusetts, another enchanted corner of coastal New England.


Val said...

A lovely photo of a quaint building. It reminded me of houses and trinket shops in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia. There are so many similarities between the New England states and Nova Scotia.

Bhupesh said...

Beautiful Picture

Thanks for Sharing


Anonymous said...

bellos colores bonito encuadre

Scott said...

I'm so pleased that you stopped by my blog and left me a link to yours. It was a beautiful scene that I went to. This one is also a treat. I'm particularly glad to see so many of New England as my wife and I are planning to visit New England for a couple of weeks probably early this coming October. I will be watching your blog for great places to visit.

See you around.

MedaM said...

Wooden porch with a little pile of stones at its corner, interesting framed windows, flowers and other decorations make this gallery looks like a fairy tale.