Faery Tales


Doors of New England.


teca said...

Wonderful door! I loved it!
Thank you for sharing.

tossan® said...

A tua ideia é formidável, mas a tua veia poética é muito maior do que a minha. És um grande poeta. Vou editar um poema com a tua resposta se me permite. Abraço

Adrian L. said...

Concerteza Tossan!

Bhupesh said...

That's preety beautiful

Dave King said...

Now that's one I wouldn't have thought of taking. You must be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

This is something I personally miss a hell lot here in Portugal. Doors!
Actually the doors, as well as the lovely gates, are the perfect portray of our souls.
They are like the eyes on a face, the very pure expression of the heart!

Thanks for sharing.

Kisses and cuddles.

Linda said...

What a magical moment to come across this beautiful door of flowing roses! The lovely colors really pop and the contrast is wonderful....I noticed the FD symbol in honor of the brave firefighters...I love the shape of the arched door...Beautiful capture Adrian, thanks for sharing!

Remus said...

Se é assim, então vamos bater à porta devagarinho e docemente. Que é para não assustar as fadas.

ana margarida cristo said...

a sensualidade dessas flores vermelhas assim caídas... será da casa d'alguma fada apaixonada? :D