Water Garden


Waterfalls in the higher mountains, New Hampshire.


Autumnforest said...

That state is nirvana, right? I had it on the top of my list of places to live because it's eco-minded and liberal and that's me. But, I do admit the hard winters would probably break me. I love snow, but I also love skinny dipping. That is a gorgeous waterfall. I have to see that state some time. I know it'll be love at first sight.

Nancy said...

What a find, Adrian. Gorgeous photograph. :)

Lisa RedWillow said...

So very peaceful and georgeous.

Magia da Inês said...


°•♥♥ °°•✿♫°.•

É ser capaz de mudar,
É partilhar a vida na esperança,
É dizer sim ao amor e à vida,
É ajudar mais gente a ser gente,

Boa Semana Santa!
Feliz Páscoa!!!✿°º

• ♥♥♫° ·.

( ),,( )

Adsila said...

Stunning... I would love to be there right now.

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

Very good picture. So beautiful place!

Val said...

This is a lovely point of view for taking a photograph such as this Adrian. The last place I saw a waterfall this beautiful was in Nooksack Washington. There is something majestic about the loud and raucous sight and sound of water falling

Remus said...

Bela queda de água.
Num tempo quente, até convida ao banho. :-)

Miguel Almeida said...

Linda em toda a sua dinamica, a luz e o movimento da agua estã no ponto.


Miamor said...

..have you been up to the mountains...??
..vacation here...in the west part of Norway...wonderful high mountains covered with snow and the fjords are beautiful..and It has been summer here today....oh my skin burns and I feel alive!! Hugs

Theanne and Baron said...

Gorgeous waterfall! I can hear the water...so dynamic! Great photo!

Elin said...

It's very nice to photograph waterfalls. Here we have no waterfall if you do not find very little in the woods when one takes a walk.

Have a nice week!

Cinthia said...

a very beautiful shot...