South Seas Dream

Steamers of the past, in the SUNY Maritime College Museum, Fort Schuyler  in NY.


Autumnforest said...

That's lovely. I don't know how you did a shot through glass so flawlessly, but it's amazing.

Dave King said...

Fascinating things, models such as this one. An image to match its craftsmanship.

Lenda da Lua said...

Segue o meu blog, que te sigo tmb.
Lenda da Lua - Gurudeva Mere Yogananda Ki Jaya

Lenda da Lua

Miamor said...

..think you love ship...and thats no crime...aint no cure I suppose?? Lovely to hear about your photoes in the book....I would have loved to see it...have a nice week-end my friend! Miamor

Nancy said...

This is great, Adrian! Must have been a fun outing. :)