Emerald Forest


I decided to post here another image of the same place, as you can see an all-different environment during the cold winter.

Golden Evenings

Rockport, Massachusetts is indeed a great place; the small town attracts a lot of tourism from spring to the fall. Being a typical fisherman port, it creates almost all the time great moments for photography. I enjoy the time here in many ways, if you want to relax you can, at the end of the fall there are not a lot of people. Summer is extremely busy but not stressful, the place has a lot of restaurants, bars, art galleries, gifts, and a variety of other stores. The rugged coastline is a photographer’s paradise in any season. Here is the sunset on a small cove, the sun reflected on the window in the house at the moment of the shot.

Refresh yourself...

...because the journey is long, just refresh yourself.

B-24 Liberator


It is not everyday that you point your camera to the sky and get a B-24 Liberator on the viewfinder! I was not in an air show! The Liberators started their missions as bombers in early 1942. The sign says, "Come home soon!", probably this one was lost for sometime in the Bermuda triangle, I took the picture in 2007. Nevertheless, we are not so far from the past as we think.

Cape Neddick


Well, what I can say, I needed to bring in here the "Nubble" light in full view including the sea. It was an interesting evening, the photographer that you see in the picture, on the left, in the rocks, had a tripod and was trying to get his best shot. I was probably a couple of hundreds of feet behind him and I also needed to make the shot. So, taking him out of the frame was not an option, since I would ruin the picture, my shot was done handheld.


The Blue Ridge Mountains in the State of North Carolina USA, they are part of the Appalachian Mountains.

Shore Line

My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.
--Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)



The trick was making the shot with a 18-55mm Canon lenses in macro mode wihtout disturbing the butterfly.

Double Decker


No, it is not London, I took the shot deep in Dixie land. This is the Double Decker Café in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.


Close up of a farming machine Vermont, USA.

Mellow Yellow


Experiences in close up photography.  A wild flower ...


Life gives you choices, doors will open for you, just make sure that you choose the right one.
The photo was taken in a street of Georgetown, Washington DC.

The Fog

In a winter morning of 2002 I was driving trough the small town of Hopedale, Massachusetts. I was passing by the Hopedale Pond when I noticed the morning fog during sunrise. The photo was taken with a Canon camera and slide film Kodak 100.

Town of Marblehead

The town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, always beautiful; can't take it out of the viewfinder...

Water Mill II

WaterMill III

A wonderful water mill in the White Mountains New Hampshire, USA.


For the times that I have been in New York I couldn't resist of photographing Bronx. Different views of America…


An approach to the conceptual world in black and white.


Saquatucket Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Navegar é Preciso...


Navegar é Preciso

Navegadores antigos tinham uma frase gloriosa:
"Navegar é preciso; viver não é preciso".

Quero para mim o espírito [d]esta frase,
transformada a forma para a casar como eu sou:

Viver não é necessário; o que é necessário é criar.
Não conto gozar a minha vida; nem em gozá-la penso.
Só quero torná-la grande,
ainda que para isso tenha de ser o meu corpo
e a (minha alma) a lenha desse fogo.

Só quero torná-la de toda a humanidade;
ainda que para isso tenha de a perder como minha.
Cada vez mais assim penso.

Cada vez mais ponho da essência anímica do meu sangue
o propósito impessoal de engrandecer a pátria e contribuir
para a evolução da humanidade.

É a forma que em mim tomou o misticismo da nossa Raça.

Fernando Pessoa

Color my World...

...even if it is with kayaks.

Happy New Year!


I wish to the whole world a Happy New Year!

A winter day in the White Mountains, State of New Hampshire, USA.

The "Nubble" Lighthouse


By following a cart-track for a quarter of an hour one comes to the canal, a stone's throw across, dividing the cape from the Nubble Rock. On the top of this bare crag the lighthouse-keeper's dwelling and fog signal stand out bold and sharp against the blue sky. At the east, a clump of blanched ledges stretches off... This prospect comprises everything between Cape Ann and Cape Elizabeth in clear weather, and is every way admirable.

-- Samuel Adams Drake, The Pine Tree Coast, 1891. --


I'm always attracted by the sea, no matter the hour the day the season...End of a day in Cape Ann, Massachusetts.