Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that Santa will bring you terrific gifts, peace, joy and dreams come true.

Buoys II


A steady hand at the helm...
A sturdy boat...
And a safe return home...

Tuck Magazine



October 2nd, 2011

This is the first issue of a new magazine for writers and readers alike. I feel I should say something meaningful and metaphorical about birth and the advent of a new venture, but instead, I’ll simply tell you what to expect from our maiden voyage.

We kick off this issue and each issue that follows with an interview. It will always be someone who is innovative in the art of words. There is also be an accompanying video of our guest with this month’s issue featuring the supremely talented Newfoundland story teller and folklorist, Dale Jarvis.

The rest of Tuck Magazine will contain a variety of genres and methods of story telling so that there is something for every reader’s  particular taste.  They are as follows:

Flash fiction that is full of gumption and quirk tinged with wit and a bit of silliness too. But don’t be fooled, these flash stories also contain some social commentary that is wise and astute.

Poetry from the soul and from different parts of our world: Australia, Canada, South Africa, France and the United States of America. Each poet has a perspective that is unique and moving, probing the depths of both intellect and spirit.

Short stories that provoke and engage your imagination, part fable, part myth and completely engrossing. I lost myself in both while reading and this is ultimately what a good story is: a thrilling escape.

Photography that is eclectic and spiritual. So many aspects of the human condition are represented in non human form as seen and captured by photographer Adrian LaRoque in this issue. Stunning and diverse, each photograph captures a meaning for everyone who views them.

I think we are going to have a thrilling voyage together, so sit back and lose yourself in the words and images of some very gifted artists.

Val B Russell

Managing Editor

Amor Amor


For your eyes only…with a poem from Elsa Martins Esteves

Notas musicais encorpadas em odores que embriagam
Olhares quentes que desnudam peles perfumadas
Sussurros inaudíveis em secretos dizeres
Bálsamo de alma que se perde
Gota que caí em jardim inexplorado
Oásis em deserto sentir
Lua cheia
Cor quente de fogo intenso
Ardente a Paixão
Que envolta em sedas finas de carmim
Num deambular sensual
Tudo acontece, tudo flutua
Cruzamentos com notas quentes de cheiros intensos

Days of Thunder


Photography in a sense is also a feeling, what I see through the viewfinder is not just a frame. The moment can be exhilarating, calm, mundane, beautiful or something else. When I press the shooter I freeze the moment and also my emotions.
Adrian L. 08-10-2011

Walker’s Point

Summer in Maine, with a view of Walker’s Point, the summer home of 41st President of the United States of America, George H. W. Bush.