Hidden Faces

This image was published in another site, someone wrote a comment, stating, “Where is the mask? This is a face”. So, the title makes sense. Everyday in life do I see faces or hidden faces? So, here the idea gets confusing, do we wear a face or a hidden mask? Do we wear a mask or a hidden face? I know, sometimes it may get even more confusing if you dig deeper into the question; faces are masks and masks are faces. Am I right? It depends on you to unveil the mask to see the face, or unveil the face to see the mask. Either way it makes no difference, under the mask maybe the face, but under the face may be the mask. By know you should know what happens during Carnival…it is just one more face, or I should say mask, over the face or over the mask?



I was driving in the State of Vermont during the fall, stopped near a river and for some reason it made me think about Claude Monet... The sun was in front of me, but the colors were so nice, so strong, that I couldn’t' resist in trying the shot. Tricky the situation here, since the light was indeed strong; a few stops down helped for this mix of colors without washing the image with light.

Amid the Darkness and the Light

Georgetown Washington DC.


There is a reason why the photographic camera is still for many an object of wonder. That was also the reason for the title of the image. Moments, as I wrote in my profile, are special with a camera, when the curtains open and close they do stop time. Here they were sitting down kissing one another. I pressed the shooter to record the moment…not the kiss.

Friend with a tail

This is my homage to a great friend with a tail. Good and loyal friends can come in different sizes, looks, and backgrounds. My cat died of old age in 2005.


Another experience in macro photography. This is a bouquet of tiny roses, here staggeringly amplified by the macro lenses to reveal detail.



The photo was taken in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, USA.

The Core

An experience in macro photography, here you can see the center of a flower highly magnified by the camera lens. Just keep in mind this is a small flower.