Deep in the White Mountains New Hampshire almost at the end of  the winter season. Ice melting in the high mountains creates a  humongous rush of water down the streams and rivers. Water during this time is dominant.



Well, the game barely started and probably never ended. The rose, that one, tells us the story. They fell in love many years ago; they were crazy by one another. I pressed the shooter to capture the moment... not the feelings.

For feelings, I leave you with this song by Patsy Cline, the greatest country singer ever.



Contrast of old and new, city of Boston Massachusetts. The frontal facade of the Old State House in Downtown Crossing. As I walk through the city  on a Saturday afternoon I am often confronted with almost empty streets or very busy ones in other areas, for sure an array of contrasts.

Stray Light


Boston Massachusetts Financial District  on a very hot summer Saturday afternoon. The best time to have an almost empty city, so you can walk around and take some pictures.

Pathway to Emerald Forest


I was in New Hampshire, walking through a trail in Franconia Notch, for the most only forest around me and not a lot of light. At one point the sun light came in a bit stronger and I was able to capture these greens. Enjoy!



For your eyes only…
The little guys with sunglasses in the center of the flowers around here we call them Gremlins! We don’t see them very often…heehee

A Moment from the Past


A photo that I took few years ago, the place is in central Massachusetts. For me the image has a special meaning for two reasons. One of my best shots in photography was made here, looking at the same tree in a foggy morning, and this one on the fall season. The tree that allowed me to have this wonderful moment no longer exists.

White Mountain Central RR


White Mountain Central Rail Roadand its station at The Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln New Hampshire. A great place to visit during the Spring and Summer season if you want to ride the train.

Enchanted Evening


A very special evening here, extremely cozy too. New England can offer you wonderful moments for photography. The place is Rockport harbor in Massachusetts.



Something that I want to share with all of you, peace and tranquility. Here the coast of New England, Rockport, Massachusetts.



Freedom by George William Russell
I WILL not follow you, my bird,
I will not follow you.
I would not breathe a word, my bird,
To bring thee here anew.

I love the free in thee, my bird,
The lure of freedom drew;
The light you fly toward, my bird,
I fly with thee unto.

And there we yet will meet, my bird,
Though far I go from you
Where in the light outpoured, my bird,
Are love and freedom too.



Houses main entrances in New England, an awesome subject in the context of exploring the beauty, the rustic and the rich history of America. Here an entrance door with the first American Stars and Stripes Flag. Town of Rockport, Massachusetts.

St. Peter’s by the Sea

St. Peter’s by the Sea an Historic and beautiful Summer Chapel, located in Cape Neddick, Maine, USA. For what I know about the history of the Chapel, when it was built, the front facade with the  cross at the top was requested to be built high enough, so that it could be visible to fishermen from the sea. 


Time…what you take for granted. Not all of us, but some of us.

For your eyes…only


Flowers attract me because of an array of colors and detail. Here the lens were at wide angle, the flower seem to motion towards the lens. Enjoy!



The array of colors called my attention in this New England Store. These are the small things that make us enjoy life, a click is sometimes not only a click, it is also a fulfillment.