The Fog

In a winter morning of 2002 I was driving trough the small town of Hopedale, Massachusetts. I was passing by the Hopedale Pond when I noticed the morning fog during sunrise. The photo was taken with a Canon camera and slide film Kodak 100.


Marco Reis said...

An incredible job, Adrian!!!
I wonder how magnific was to be in a place like that.
Just by looking at the photo gives us a peace feeling, imagine being there.


L.Reis said...

O nevoeiro reescreve a paisagem...impossível resistir à atracção do seu fascínio. Uma imagem soberba! Parabéns!

caramelo said...

Thanks for comming!

I like this picture very much, it seems like a dream.

See you again here or there,

Remus said...

Está mesmo fantástica e nem vale a pena dizer mais nada.
Muitos parabéns.

marialuisa said...


Vivian said...

hey there....first, thank you so much for not only stopping by my Snapshots blog, but for leaving comments on a few photos of mine. You made my day!

Now, this Fog! Do you know how amazing this is? It looks like a painting. I love is so mysterious. The combination of the fog and the reflection off the pond makes for a winning photo!