Janne said...

Ah... yes to fly free above the land in that beautiful blue sky. I look forward to seeing your photographs each day.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at

May I use some of the information from this post above if I give a backlink back to this site?


Vilisi@islandmusings said...

what beautiful pictures! I love 'mystic morning' and 'seasons'. So peaceful and serene. Thank you for sharing. :)

Bhupesh said...

Flying free to eternity

Beautiful catch!!

bhupesh said...


Remus said...

Uma composição de grande simplicidade, tanto a nível de enquadramento como a nível de tonalidades.
Adorei a fotografia.

Adrian LaRoque said...

James from Anonymous, you need to leave me the link to your site so I know where that "information" will be.

If you needed some information why did you comment as anonymous?

All images need my expressed authorization to be published or reproduced in any means.

Val said...

I had to come back to say something about that bird up there. He is showing off against that big blue tent of a sky but oh to be that bird. Just for a day to soar and be fancy free. Spectacular bird watching with your lens Adrian but I do think your subject made sure you got his good side. ;)

Anonymous said...

cielo hermoso que refleja libertad :)