Gifts of Summer


I know, the fall is starting, so, why not bringing in here a few more greens from the summer's end!

New Hampshire, White Mountains.

BW Suez Boston


Just to break a little bit the routine, here is the BW Suez Boston, entering the Boston harbor.

Free Spirit

Boston Massachusetts on a summer afternoon. It is good to be a child!

Full Corn Moon

September Full Moon...known by the Native Americans as the Full
Corn Moon.



It captures my attention the isolated boat in a low tide at Ray Harbor in coastal New Hampshire. The bluish wet dark sand seems to shine thus creating almost a surreal environment.

Autumn Leaves

Years ago I did some extensive work with film, some of my work with slide film, Kodak Elite 100. Here is an image from a tree branch in the autumn season.

Montpelier State House




In my wanders around the State of Vermont I had the opportunity to photograph the State House in Montpelier. A wonderful building, a good place to spend the afternoon and enjoy the Capital.

Appledore III

View of Rockport, MA. through the ropes of the Schooner Appledore III.


Point your camera anywhere, point it to the ground, there are so many interesting things on the ground; but if you are bored, just point it to the sky, why not?

Carpe Diem

New Hampshire, White Mountains range.The idea here was to capture the light and leave the mountains as a silhouette. Not always easy, sunlight changes very fast in these situations, and the image may not be what you expected. I considered myself blessed with this one, the right time, the right moment, so, carpe diem.