Rockport harbor, Massachusetts with a view of Motif No. 1.


Autumnforest said...

I wish I were there. I have to smile, though. Reminds me of "Jaws," my favorite movie of all time.

Vilisi@islandmusings said...

I like the combination of colours in this picture. :)

Miamor said...

...this is a special plavce..sort of nostalgic to me...dont know why....have a blessed daY!

Tammy said...

I hadn't thought of Jaws until I read the comments...does remind ne of that. A lovely capture of our noth east shore.

Janita said...

Adrian, que imagem tão bonita e colorida!
Fez-me lembrar a ria de Aveiro na zona da Torreira. Casinhas pequenas e barquinhos de pescadores.
Não sentes saudades de Portugal?
Um abraço

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

Great point of view. Good tones

Folhetim Cultural said...

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Sucesso em seu espaço.

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Magia da Inês said...

Bonita paisagem!
Bonita imagem!
Um lindo dia!

ღ ♫ ° ° º
♫ ♫. • *

Val said...

Very pretty and serene. It looks so much like parts of eastern Canada it's eerie. As a child we would go up the eastern seaboard and pop into Maine etc and it was so similar it wasn't as if we'd left our country.

Anonymous said...

Que puedo decir un bello lugar y una temática que me encanta

R K Lambert said...

Rockport Maine is a great place to photograph or paint. I was there in the spring of 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed my visit and would like to go back soon. Enjoyed this post. Love Motif #1, have a smimilar posted on my blog.

La Perfida Canalla said...

Great job!
I love this picture
Regards from Spain

Denny Lyon said...

Wonderful photo! Reminds me of the lobster fishermen those summers in "southern" Maine. :) Now that I'm in south Louisiana it seems worlds away...

BTW, are you on flickr? You can do an All Rights Reserved for your photos while still providing embed codes to bloggers, generated by flickr. That way you have control over the photo. If you delete it from flickr it disappears from blogs and sites immediately as the embed code is disabled.

Be glad to help promote you on my photo and arts blogs: Visual Insights and Dennys Art Sanctuary. Just a thought.

Oh, and thanks for joining The Social Poets news and politics blog too. :)